Italy Vacation Package

Looking for an Italy vacation package? There are so many out there to suit every taste, age group and wallet, you’ll be able to pick one that’s just right for you. Let’s take a quick look at some of the options you have available.

If you’re somewhat the adventurous type, but would rather have someone else handle car rentals, rail tickets and hotel bookings, you may like the “Independent Traveler” type of Italy vacation package. Sites catering to the independent traveler perform these types of services, as well as offering ready-made itineraries and message boards or forums where you can pick up tips from other travelers.

Are you a foodie? There are cooking and food-oriented Italy vacation packages that make all the arrangements for a set price. This foodie lovers’ Italy vacation package may set you up in an apartment within a villa, offering luxurious accommodations with daily cooking classes.

If you are looking for an escorted Italy tour package there are various options for every interest. From 8-days to more than 2 weeks, Italy tours visit Rome, Florence, Venice plus the Italian Lakes and gorgeous Amalfi Coast. There are Italy tours that focus on regions and Italy tours that travel the entire country. Italy tours with air from your preferred airport are also available. These all-inclusive Italy tours may include most meals, transportation between cities, and tour of the sightseeing highlights.

Rome, Florence, Venice are the most popular Italy vacation destinations. These are Italy’s great art cities with unmatched history and culture. Each of these cities was at one time the wealthiest and most powerful of its time. In Rome escorted tours of the Vatican Museum, St Peter’s Basilica, and the Ancient Roman Forum and Colosseum are must see sightseeing highlights. There is so much to learn at each of the destinations it is great to be escorted through with an expert Italy tour guide.

In Florence the Uffizi  Gallery and Accademia Museum draw tourists interested in the Renaissance art and history. Here you’ll find the masterpieces by DaVinci, Michelangelo, Rafael, Botticelli, and more.

The escorted Italy tours also include skip the lone tickets so you’ll avoid the lines at all the popular destinations. For more about the best Italy tour packages visit


Sicily Vacation | Ten things I did in Sicily

10 Things i did in Sicily

1. Dive in the Bronze Age (Pantalica)
2. Rider of the Street Food (Palermo by Vespa)
3. The white Face of Southern Coast (Scala dei Turchi, Agrigento)
4. Walking in a Ghost Town (Poggioreale)
5. Walk on the Green Side (Barcarello, Palermo)
6. Ticket to Magna Grecia (Taormina, Isola Bella)
7. Journey to the Center of the Rock (Alcantara Valley)
8. Somewhere over the Green Hill (Segesta by Quad)
9. Sailing the Red Sunset (Marsala, Mothia)
10. Natural Oasis in a Glass (Vendicari)
1. La Necropoli di Pantalica
2. Finger Food in Vespa a Palermo
3. Scala dei Turchi ad Agrigento
4. La Città Fantasma di Poggioreale
5. Riserva di Capogallo a Barcarello, Palermo
6. Taormina e Isola Bella
7. I Canyon delle Gole dell’Alcantara
8. Con il Quad tra Vigne e Campagne a Segesta
9. Il Tramonto a Marsala, sul mare di Mothia
10. Un bicchiere di vino alla riserva naturale di Vendicari

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Lago di Misurina is the

Lago di Misurina is the largest natural lake of the Cadore. It’s 1,754 m above sea level, near Auronzo di Cadore (Belluno) in the Veneto. Around the lake there are about 10 hotels with accommodation for around 500 people. The climatic characteristics of the area make particularly good air for those with respiratory diseases. Near the lake is the only center in Italy for the care of childhood asthma.

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